Ets2 modding tools

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Till now, this method of money cheat in ETS2 works fine on all versions! View the readme. Do you love Simulator game? Do you wanna be a trucker in Euro Truck Simulator 2, driving on your own truck, deliver goods and travel around not only in one country, but also in all of Europe? Traffic Def Generator is an important tool for your Euro Truck Simulator 2, it will help you creat necessary definition files for new AI vehicles automatically. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

ets2 modding tools

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ets2 modding tools

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With that in mind, years ago we decided to bring to our community the ultimate toolchain for anyone willing to create content for our in-game worlds and to create mods for our titles.

Blender Tools supports the complete creation pipeline of any type of in-game items such as trucks, AI vehicles, models, prefabs including support for all possible locators including AI traffic lines and many other game assets found in both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

During all those years not only has Blender Tools evolved, but Blender did too. The Blender 2. Thus we were put up to a big overwrite of our tools and today we are proud to announce that Blender Tools 2.

We have rewritten our whole material setup code to work with new render engine, which brings you even more in-game like result within Blender itself.

Thanks to the more efficient rendering of our 3D elements locators, AI traffic lines and rewritten several internal handlers, start-up, file saving and the overall experience should be smoother than it was ever before. As a cherry on the top of the cake, we would like to mention the new SCS Tools main menu, which enables you easy access to all Blender Tools functions and properties in one place.

SCS Software

These pictures show the new version in use with the truck pipeline, animations, prefab visualisation and the new SCS Main menu, in which you can find everything our Blender Tools offers. The limits are bound only by you and your creativity! If you want to join the more creative part of the community, download Blender 2. We will constantly update this toolchain, making improvements based on the feedback from our community to make it easier for them to continue doing what they do best. Or we should say a legendary 50keda will, as he's the one doing all the work there!

Do join the Blender Tools general discussion and report the bugs you'll find, please - it's helping a lot! Ported to Blender 2. Blender Tools on Wiki. There you will find the steps you need to take to begin using the tools.

If you feel you found a bug in the tools, or want to ask something about them, or share your knowledge with the other people just getting started - this is the place to be. We will be monitoring the forums and hopefully providing some guidance, but again, we do not expect to be able to respond to everybody and to every cry for help. ETS2 web, mod page In case you forget all the links above you can always start with the modding section of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 web page.

The links there should guide you not just to SCS Blender Tools but also to all modding guidelines paramount for successful mod creation.

Lo sentimos.

We encourage you to import and check all the models on your own. Now all you need to start is a bit of knowledge of Blender! Download Blender Tools. SiSL's Mega Pack 2.To better understand changes in units it is recommended to check Units documentation page. We changed the blending of UI textures to be gamma correct.

ets2 modding tools

As result alpha transitions in UI textures e. When creating transparent textures, you should configure your graphics editor to use Gamma value of 1. While there is no fully automated way to modify the textures to get exactly the same result as before, the attached Perl script can be used to adjust alpha channel to keep the appearance similar based on assumption that the blend is done over middle-gray background based on expression mentioned bellow.

Note that after using the script you might still need to manually adjust the images to get the appearance you want. Attribute array trailers remain only for compatibility of some cargoes. Old system trailer defs, however, remain in it's original place. New fields support system that matches cargoes to trailer only through trailer body types with additional information.

Most important are:. In addition, there are also cog placement parameters - unlike older mechanics right now its plain cargo cog offset in meters before height was halved due to historical reasons. That said one can still use custom token for body type, but do not forget to define new cargo data for it. In the future updates, however, predefined list will most probably grow with new set of body types. Empty array impose no limit.

The first element is describing mass limit for vehicle with 2 axles, second for 3 axles etc. If vehicle has more axles than defined last entry will be used as limit. This can be useful when using transparent material on cable, so that inner wall of the cable will also be visible for example back faces are currently used in the new trailer cables for traffic vehicles.

The algorithms for sign illuminations have been changed, from now on the illumination of signs is calculated based on the color and the range of the regular truck lights.

Each ownable trailer needs it's own configurations which player can select from in the trailer configurator eg. Trailer body set defines set of bodies that can be used on individual trailer configuration.

Each body set is then selectable by player in trailer configurator. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

Views Read View source View history. Navigation Home Contribution. Contents Documentation Tutorials Tools Games. This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat Pages News Download.

They really were. I also think user interface looked way better than it does now. There was no ATS, and also the game was not updated as often as it is now. Only a couple of DLCs existed At that time, I also had way less development experience. All of that combined meant that the code behind the app was very rigid and oriented towards a specific task.

It was convoluted, and it really was s PITA to update. At one point, the game changes were so big, that it became impossible to update the apps. On top of that, the user interface elements that we used to design the app became obsolete as well, and it was time to pull the plug. At this point, I can't even properly load the old source code in my Visual Studio. This effectively means that I cannot update the old apps - even if I wanted.

I also understand that Mods Studio 2 can annoy you at times. There's bugs, some features are missing, some things are different from what they were in the old apps I'll do my best to fix bugs and develop missing features. But for some things, you'll have to put a little bit of effort and get used to the new way of doing things.

I release MS2 updates almost on a monthly basis now. Things will improve - that's a prommise! Join our Discordwe're always help with any MS2 issues you might have! Labels: HistoryMods Studio 2Project.

It's going to be a casual stream where I'll chat with you guys, develop some new features, talk about the plans, give out some SCS DLCs, etc I did Here's the list of things I'll give away:. We'll have 6 giveaway rounds throughout the stream, roughly one every 30 minutes.

In each round will give away one Steam DLC or game. You can participate in the round s by using your raffle tickets. Before each round, everyone will get a free raffle ticket. The more raffle tickets you use in a giveaway round, the more chances you have to win the game or DLC.

You can also skip a round and save your ticket for upcoming rounds. You can get additional tickets by watching the stream, being active in chat, following the channel or by donating live on stream. You can always use the command! This all will be going on on my Twitch Channel. Thursday, August 8, What is Mods Studio 2?

In we released ETS2 Studio. In we released ATS Studio. At that point, we came up with a name "Mods Studio" which was used to reference both ETS2 and ATS studio at the same time, although at that time, they were two separate apps. Also, I must point out that there will be no updates for our older apps, and that there is no more support available for them. We are now pushing hard to update MS2 regularly, and that we'll bring it to the level of old E2S.

So, if you've missed it - grab the newest Mods Studio 2 from the official website! Labels: Mods Studio 2Release.Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a high rated truck simulator game available for Windows and Linux users. It was initially released in and is still developed and updated by developers, so the game maintains its popularity between gamers. Right now its one of the most popular on Steam, which reports that game is played by at least several thousand people at all times.

One of the reasons for this popularity is, of course, large selection of ETS2 modswhich are created by players. In this category you will find the latest and best ETS 2 mods for download! Another clueless modder. Dude, again, it doesnt matter how powerful is your pc, the game does not require high pc specifications, its all about the game engine, that has its limits.

Stop trying to make mods that require more that the game engine can handle. The game will drop fps not matter how powerful is your pc. Specially if using other mods. Home Euro Truck Simulator 2. Trending Mods Unlimited Money Promods v2. ETS 2 Game Versions.

ETS 2 1. Trending Searches. VOLVO 3. Scania RJL 5. Scania t 6. MAN -1 9. Editor's pick. Mercedes-Benz's more powerful engine update. Order: Descending Order: Ascending. Refine Mod Filters. Game Versions 1. Previous 1 2 3 Intense Rain 1. Rehunubo's new loading screens 1. ImTheBoss Paintjob Pack 1. Yellow Road lines 2. Popular This Month.

Unlimited Money RusMap Volvo FH v Bangladesh Map Mod 1. Latest Comments. We and our partners collect data and use cookies for ad personalization, measurement and improved user experience.Modding pages and documentation were moved to a dedicated modding wiki accessible through modding.

Empowers the mod community with tools targeting to match the power of our internal asset creation pipeline. You may use the provided extractor to unpack the game archive to develop game mods. To repack the archive again use any standard ZIP utility after you've finished your mod. Download the extractor here. It is possible to tweak the game configuration to get more from your controllers.

More information can be found here. Starting with 1. Starting with version 1. The initial save file is now also available in the def. Documentation is available here. Provides access to the telemetry of the player's vehicle for third-party applications. Can be found here. Information and guides describing how to update your mods for version 1.

Home About Buy Media Update. If you just want to download the latest version use following links: SCS Blender Tools Asset conversion tools Game archive extractor You may use the provided extractor to unpack the game archive to develop game mods.

Advanced input configuration It is possible to tweak the game configuration to get more from your controllers. Advanced multi-monitor configuration Starting with 1.

Initial save Starting with version 1. Mod Manager Starting with 1. Telemetry SDK 1.I highly endorse and recommend Nordic Visitor. The tour and accommodations were very good from start to finish.

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Euro Truck Simulator Skinning Tutorial - A Simple Guide - ETS2

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