Torsion pendulum clock

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Previous Thread Next Thread. GWP Registered User. Mar 31, 9 0 0. This wall clock with torsion pendulum belonged to my grandparents in Austria. I remember it hanging on the wall when I was young beforeand it is probably appreciately older. I wonder if anyone knows anything about this kind of clock. The only ID on the back plate as a number The torsion pendulum has the signs of the zodiac around the weight.

John Hubby Principal Administrator. Hi GWP, Great clock!! I believe your clock was made by the Hanau Clock Company of Hanau, Germany, sometime between and Our NAWCC Chapter has recorded three other clocks with the exact movement support bracket that yours has, with the large "H" cast in.

Two of the clocks have pendulums very similar to yours, and all four including yours appear to have identical movements except for the serial number. The serial numbers we have recorded so far are No. The script in the numbers appears to be identical to yours.

One of our chapter members is conducting research into the Hanau clocks. If you could provide more detailed photos of your clock it would be very much appreciated. Especially a side view of the movement, a closeup of the escapement wheel and anchor, and a full view of the case. Two questions: 1 Does the anchor have fixed pallets or adjustable pallets? I trust this will be of interest and look forward to receiving additional information.

John Hubby I am attaching a photo of the movement from clock with serial number I believe you can see it is virtually identical to yours. Hello John, Thanks for your information.

torsion pendulum wall clock - identification???

I found it very interesting,and the dates you mentioned are certainly in the right range for a clock owned by my grandparents. I add several photos to show some details. As far as your questions are concerned: 1 there are no marking son the case that I could find.

However, it is difficult to see with the movement assembled. For the same reason, I can not at present produce photos of the escapement.

However, I will take the photos when the mechanism is disassembled for cleaning, which is overdue anyway, since the clock has been running continuously for 12 years. Hello Guenther, Thanks very much for the additional photos.The following information is adapted from Questions and Answers of and for the Clockmaking Profession, a compilation of articles on clock repairs by experts such as Joseph Baier, James Tigner and Marvin Whitney, and published by the American Watchmakers Institute Press.

The text has been edited to fit the allowed space. The day clock is a torsion pendulum clock. It is often referred to as an anniversary clock because of its length of run and its popularity as a commemorative gift. The governing unit is a rotating pendulum. The pendulum is hooked to the lower end of a long, thin, narrow suspension spring, a very fine wire. Thus, when a wheel tooth escapes, the anchor pin tilts to one side carrying with it the fork,which in turn twists the suspension spring and thereby impulses the pendulum.

The overswing is the distance that the pendulum travels after the tick occurs, or the tock. These two distances must be the same on each direction of the rotation, or the clock will slow down and stop prematurely. The overswing can be adjusted by turning the screw located at the top of the suspension spring in the direction of the shorter overswing.

This is a very delicate correction, measured in hundredths of millimetres. The clock must be level in order to run properly. The cup under the lower tip of the rotating pendulum indicates the level.

The tip should hang in the center of this cup. Some clocks have leveling screws, three generally, which can be adjusted to centre the tip. The clock must always rest on a firm surface. What is a day clock? How many degrees should the pendulum of a day clock swing? Why must a day clock be level?

How is it leveled?All of our battery operated pendulum movements have several things in common. They are all operated by an electro magnet that gives a pulse to a magnet on the pendulum arm, which gives the pendulum a very natural swinging motion.

They also operate independently of the actual clock movement and have no effect on it. In most cases, when the battery on one of our pendulum movements gets low, the pendulum will stop swinging so that the movement can operate a bit longer. Two factors must always be considered when using battery operated quartz pendulum movements. The first is the weight of the actual pendulum. Our pendulums are specifically designed to work with battery-operated movements.

If you were to substitute a pendulum from an old mechanical movement, you would probably find that the pendulum is to heavy to be operated by a battery operated movement. The second is the operating position of the movement. The movement must level, or perpendicular to the ground. If the movement is not properly leveled, then the pendulum may not operate properly, or at all. Register Login.

How Do Anniversary Clocks Work?

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When responding to one of the older posts, use a Private Message to the person needing the part. Peter W Registered User. Nov 23, 11 18 Male Country Flag:. Loubord Registered User. It is for a Schatz 49 square dial. I also need for this clock the locking tube that fits over the protecting tube to lock the pendulum.

The base of my clock is a non-adjustable type. If somebody has one that can be adjusted, let me know please. MartinM Registered User. The first item on your list is generally called the 'saddle'. The latter item doesn't actually have anything to do with the pendulum. The pendulum is removed and the spring securing device slides down the spring guard to contact the pin in the lower block of the suspension assembly, keeping the lower block from moving around and allowing the spring to get bent or broken.

Thank you for the precisions. The saddle is a difficult part to find. I bought one on eBay but it was much to big to fit my clock. Neither Timesavers, Merritt's or Perrin in Canada carry the saddle. Try directly contacting Horolovar. Adjustable clock feet. The foot on the left side in both photos is from a Heco Lantern case. The foot on the right side in both photos is from a Bucherer lantern case. Koma movement. Missing one for the Heco and two for the Bucherer. Don't know how difficult it is to find these, so if anyone else has tried to find these and failed, please let me know that I am looking at a lost cause.

KurtinSA Registered User.

torsion pendulum clock

Nov 24, 3, 63 Aerospace Engineer Ret.Vintage Anniversary Clock Oval dome Brass Ornate antique german anniversary, torsion clock, disc pendulum. Collection from central brighton is ok. Excellent value at just 6. Will be posted from Bristol. The pictures are part of the description, you are not sure-ask. Antique german anniversary, torsion clock, disc pendulum. Haller Classic Table Clocks. Bought for my daughter. Another waste of money as hardly used. Good value at My good friend who moved last year has asked me to sell this clock.

Stunning heavy and thick glass dome a beautiful clock with three stunning finials and a superb gothic design would grace any home.

torsion pendulum clock

Widdop Wood Torsion. Hardly used. Great start price of Med size Koma anniversary clock in working order brass four hundred day clock with white dial and gilt markers, signed annual under glass dome on a brass base.

Rare Unusual Kundo Anniversary clock in working my good friend who moved last year has asked me to sell this clock. Pittospwer simulation refurbishment christmas. I have set it up and goes well for several hours then stops. I also have more great value items for sale on Ebay and in my shop Please come and look.Anniversary clocks gained popularity as wedding gifts.

They are unique in that they run days a year and only need to be wound once a year, which couples tend to do on their anniversary as a celebratory tradition.

At The Clock Doctor, we understand the sentimental value anniversary clocks hold. We provide friendly service, affordable prices and local shop options in the Sacramento and Turlock, California areas. Since anniversary clocks are smaller clocks, they can also be easily shipped to us for clock repair if you are not in the area. If your anniversary clock needs to be repaired, serviced or to have parts replaced, contact us today so we can take care of that for you to have your anniversary clock up and running again quickly.

torsion pendulum clock

When most people think of clocks, they probably have a relatively modern image in mind. If not, they might be imagining a variety of clocks, but making the assumption that the inner workings of various kinds of clocks are more or less the same. Whereas traditional clocks up until the time of the invention of the torsion clock had depended on basic pendulum mechanisms, moderated by anchor escapements. With the torsion clock, invented in by Aaron Crane, a timepiece was born that could keep time while consuming much, much less energy than its standard pendulum counterparts like the grandfather clock, for example.

Because of their low energy consumption, torsion clocks could often run for hundreds of days at a time without needing to be rewound. Some versions could last even longer, running for up to 1, days on a single wind! That said, torsion clocks are not without their own problems. The clocks operate upon a weighted disk with several balls attached via spokes. These elements are all suspended by a suspension spring.

Furthermore, because these clocks can keep running on one spring for so long, small deviations in speed can become large time losses or gains over time. Owners who wish to keep their clocks accurate should wind them once per month or more in order to ensure that they stay on pace.

While Crane may be credited with the invention of the torsion clock, its driving mechanism the torsion pendulum was actually invented nearly 50 years earlier, inby Robert Leslie. Interestingly enough, a German author by the name of Anton Harder is thought to have simultaneously and independently invented the torsion clock sometime in the last two decades of the 18th century. Anniversary Clocks. Anniversary Clock Repair Anniversary clocks gained popularity as wedding gifts.

A little historical background on anniversary clocks:. Ready to get your clock repaired? Contact Us.These clocks can also be called day or anniversary clocks because they can run for a very long time without needing to be wound usually a year. Although some can even go a thousand days without winding, it's best to do it at least once a month to make sure the time is accurate.

torsion pendulum clock

The reason why they're capable of this is that the torsion pendulum rotates very slowly, which takes little energy. They can be difficult to work with, however, and might not be as accurate as normal pendulum clocks, since it's possible for the oscillation to be altered when the temperature changes — this change mainly affects the spring mechanism. One oscillation can take between 10 to 20 seconds. Setting the Clock Even though the torsion clock has an extremely delicate mechanism, this makes it an example of fine engineering.

Setting the time is proof of that. To do it, it's necessary to avoid moving the torsion clock after locking the pendulum balls or taking them off, because even a slight jolt can damage the spring mechanism. Once the clock is in a safe and levelled place, the pendulum balls can be centred with the clock base and given a small push to let them swing degrees.

You should wait at least fifteen minutes before setting the time, so you can be sure of the swinging speed of the pendulum and then set the correct time by moving the minute hand to the number you desire. So it might seem like the mechanism is too fiddly, when in reality it's these small and fine components that come together to create a clock that can go months without ever needing to be winded.

The Spring The suspension spring is, perhaps, the most delicate of all the components in this clock: if it's bent or distorted, then the clock is no longer functioning as it should.

The purpose of this spring is to suspend the pendulum in the air and allow it to swing back and forth. It's usually attached to the clock with a screw and, while putting in a new one, you need to be careful not to bend it.

If you don't know where this spring goes, holding the suspension up to the clock should give you an idea of the height and, consequently, the place where the new spring will need to be put. If you want to know more about springs and everything they can do, or if you're interested in our other services and products, contact us or give us a call on We're also present on social media, so keep up to date with our latest news via Facebook and Twitter.

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Torsion Pendulum

They use torsion springs and expose the internal mechanism with a glass case, which allows people to watch the torsion pendulum work. Share this post Bookmark the permalink. Quick Enquiry Form.

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